Fee Structure

Fee Deposit For St. Joseph College, Sitapur Road
  1. Fee will be deposited from 1st to 10th of every month. In case of late fee from 11th to 15th a sum of Rs.50/-, 16th to 20th a sum of Rs. 75/- and Rs.100/- after 20th of every month. Cheques regarding fee will be accepted from 1st to 7th of every month.
  2. Any dues, will be realized in cash only. In case fee is not deposited till the last day of the month, students name will be struck off and Rs.200/- will be charged as Re-Admission fee.
  3. Rs.1000/- will be charged for scooty & Rs.800/- for cycle stand annually.(with the fee of April)

Concession regarding the siblings given according to the school rules. If fee for the full year is deposited in one installment a discount of 15 days fee will be given. Your ward will not be allowed to appear in the examinations if the entire school dues are not cleared.

Conveyance Fee

Conveyance fee will be charged according to the distance, and will be decided by the school management. Conveyance fee will be charged for 12 months. Once the decision about availing this facility has been taken, It cannot be withdrawn until the end of academic session.

Note: Parents/Guardians will indicate their preference for school transportation at the time of admission.